The new smart ingredient for Forward Thinking Products

Enhances Moisture Retention
Adds Nutritional Value
Replacement for Non-Natural Fibers and Gums.

Citra Blend EX

CitraBlend®EX is a clean label replacement for eggs that reduces the need for eggs by 35% in cakes, muffins & brownies. In addition, CitraBlend®EX decreases the overall cost of products more than 10% and improves yields by 2% or more.




We process only the freshest citrus peel material direct from the juice processors to our processing facility.

CitraBlendEX is a plant-based, cost-effective alternative to eggs in baked goods. CitraBlendEX enables the reduction of egg contents by 35% in baked goods. Providing batter stability, increasing moistness, and enhancing eating quality for longer shelf life. CitraBlendEX provides desired viscosity, thickening, machinability, and excellent particle suspension in the baking mixture.

CitraBlendEX is a free-flowing powder that is easy to handle. Added to the dry ingredients, no additional steps or complex mixing instructions.

CitraFiber® is all-natural, 100% peel with nothing added, making it the best choice for totally clean-labelled finished goods.
Our patented process removes the oils and sugars, while substantially increasing fiber to 96%. The total pectin content is the best in the industry at 46%+! CitraFiber® comes in a fine powder, available in #60 mesh or #100 mesh powders.

CitraFiber® is extremely hydrophilic, naturally providing superior moisture retention In a variety of food applications. It also has great lipophilic properties which make it an excellent natural emulsifier upon hydration.

Who We Are

Since 2011, we have been the Premiere U.S. dehydrator of Citrus for the food industry. Whether it’s for Craft Beer, tea, spices, Nutraceuticals, beverages, Functional Food, or the Pet Food market, we work with companies of all sizes to provide them with the highest quality dried citrus peel they need.

Why We're Different

Unlike other companies, high quality dehydrated citrus peel is our core business. Whether you need flakes, granules, tea cuts, or powder, our customers know that we can tailor our product to meet their exact specifications.

Need A Continuous Supply?

We inventory our products year round, so you can be sure that you’ll always have the citrus peel you need to order. We typically ship within 10 days of receipt of a purchase order.

Interested in Organic?

We use only the finest peels from freshly squeezed, organic citrus provided by Uncle Matt’s Organic Juice Company. Our trade secreted, all natural process dehydrates the peel naturally while retaining all the flavors and nutrients. No pesticides or Herbicides.


Recent studies have shown that citrus peel contains as much nutrition as the juice! Our citrus peel contains 50% fiber, five times the antioxidants of blueberries, and a high level of pectin. Our citrus peel is also rich in vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, Narirutin and Hesperedin.


Whether it’s for craft beer, herbal teas, vitamin rich nutraceuticals or seasoning for your favorite dishes, you demand the purest citrus extracts available. That’s what we provide. Our citrus peel is same-day dehydrated from citrus fruits grown in Florida. That means that you are getting the most flavorful and nutritionally complete citrus peel available on the market today.

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