Citra Fiber - All Things Citrus

The new Smart Ingredient for Forward Thinking Products

Citra Fiber - All Things Citrus

“CitraFiber is derived from upcycled 100% citrus peel.  It delivers superior benefits for
manufacturers looking for a clean label, 100% sustainable ingredients for many food and
bakery applications, including Keto and Gluten Free”

Citra Fiber - All Things Citrus

CitraFiber® is a Premium All-natural Citrus Peel Ingredient

CitraFiber® is all-natural, 100% peel with nothing added,
making it the best choice for a clean label ingredient. Our patented
process removes the oils and sugars, while substantially increasing fiber to 96%.
The total pectin content is the best in the industry at 46%. CitraFiber® comes in a
fine powder, available in #60 mesh or #100 mesh powders.

Improves Freeze-thaw applications
Great Shelf-Life Extender

CitraFiber® is extremely hydrophilic, naturally providing superior moisture retention in a variety of food applications. It also has great lipophilic properties which make it an excellent natural emulsifier upon hydration.

With less than 1 carb per serving, colorless and odorless CitraFiber® is suitable for Keto-friendly and gluten-free applications, including:

Baked goods [muffins, brownies, cookies]
Plant-based meat products
Plant-based dairy [milks, yogurts, ice creams]
Citra Fiber - All Things Citrus

CitraFiber® is the perfect replacement for starches, gums, carrageenan, pectin, allergens, hydrogenated fats, phosphates, emulsifiers, and chemical stabilizers in all your formulations!

In comparison to other ingredients, CitraFiber® is derived only from citrus peel. It delivers a superior benefit profile and enables manufacturers to fulfill consumer demands for totally clean label, all-natural, sustainable ingredients for all food and bakery applications, including Keto and gluten-free foods.

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